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Why Buy Land?

Buying Rural Northern AZ Land FAQ’s – Why Buy?

The Pros & Cons

The Pros to Buying Rural Land

  • Affordability – Parcels of land in many rural areas of Arizona are still affordable! Land prices fell with the market in 2008 but have been slowly rising. In many cases you can find land with part of the work done.
  • Savings on Vacation and Family Trips – Instead of spending money for vacations every year, find an area you love and create an affordable vacation retreat or hunting camp, with or without RV hookups, a septic, a small solar system and a well. Your family can come back year after year.
  • Improve as You Can – Slowly improve the property by cutting in a drive, clearing a building site, putting in a septic system, drilling a well and then bringing in a structure. Eventually you can live on the land full time — working from home, homesteading, or retiring there building a sustainable life style.
  • Large Lots Furnish Peace & Privacy – In rural areas, parcels of 20 acres and more will give you the peace and privacy you crave.
  • Natural Beauty & Wildlife – Part of the year or full time, you will be surrounded by natural beauty and experience the seasons first hand.
  • Investment in Family’s Future – Buying rural land is an investment for your family’s future; your property can become an asset for your children and grandchildren and a natural spot for family get-togethers.

The Cons to Buying Rural Land

  • No Guarantees – There are no guarantees that real estate prices will not decrease at a later date.
  • Not a Quick Cash Out – Land, unlike a CD or savings account normally takes some time to sell.
  • Buying a problem – The main problems people run into stem from not knowing enough about the land when they buy.  Buyers can end up with parcels with liens (charges against the property), land with no water available, rules about not spliting the property or forbidding the use they planned for. A real estate agent who specializes in land will not let you make those mistakes.

Important things to Know When Buying Northern Arizona Land!

  1. Land issues in Arizona are complicated, be sure to hire a land specialist to help you with your purchase. There is just too much to know.
  2. Elevation is the key to climate, vegetation, and type of view.
  3. Well water is pretty readily available from Kingman to the edge of Mohave County further east water gets very dicey and drilling may not be an option.
  4. Much of the Rural Zoning is AR36 (Agricultural/Rural with minimum sized parcels of 36 acres).  Some areas allow properties to be split and some don’t.

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Buying Rural Northern AZ Land FAQ’s – Why Buy?

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