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Buying Rural Northern AZ Land FAQ’s – Finding Help

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Challenges In Buying Land

  • The problems confonting a home buyer are different from the problems facing a land buyer.  We are all fairly familiar with houses, most of us have lived in one. The land buying process is different and requires a different kind of expertise.
  • There are many types of land to choose from.  A good land agent knows a lot about the technical issues and can answer the following questions. Which type of soil will support my building pad? Is water availabile in the area? What kind of septic system do I need?
  • Land purchasing involves researching use issues as well.  A competent and motivated agent can find hidden liens on the property, restrictions, and be able to explain what state lawswill  affect you. Can you bring in a modular or mobile home? Can you split the land? Are horses, other domestic animals and/or livestock welcome there?
  • Land financing is different from financing a home. Most banks won’t lend on vacant land. An experienced agent will know which owners are willing to let you make monthly payments after a down payment and will most likely know investors in the area who might carry a note for you.

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Elise Harron

“I did not set out to “become” a rural land specialist… I realized that I AM a Rural Land Specialist, and then I BECAME a Realtor!  So I already understand the development costs and hurdles of changing a rural piece of land into a homestead, a farm, or an escape property.”

“I have 18 years of experience building some of the largest Master Planned Communities in Las Vegas. I have built custom homes up to 13,000 sq ft.  I have installed 5kW to 12kW grid-tied Solar Systems and 2kW to 6.5kw off-grid Solar Systems.”

“I don’t want to “work” anymore – I want to drive around visiting with my new friends and neighbors, finding them the perfect property (or home) and providing them with a near perfect Escrow and Closing.  Being a realtor does NOT qualify as work for me.  Let’s see, I get paid to drive around to rural properties visiting with lots of new and unique people, I get the excitement of locating just the perfect property and see them smile as they have finally found “the ONE.”  ”

Important things to Know When Buying Northern Arizona Land?

Land issues in Arizona are complicated, be sure to hire a land specialist to help you with your purchase. There is just too much to know.

  1. Elevation is the key to climate, vegetation, and type of view.
  2. Well water is pretty readily available from Kingman to the edge of Mohave County further east water gets very dicey and drilling may not be an option.
  3. Much of the Rural Zoning is AR36 (Agricultural/Rural with minimum sized parcels of 36 acres).  Some areas allow properties to be split and some don’t.

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Buying Rural Northern AZ Land FAQ’s – Finding Help


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