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Willow Creek Ranch: Ten Reasons It’s Perfect

What Makes Willow Creek the Perfect Choice?Willow Creek Pictures

Click here for a list of current homes in Willow Creek for sale.  

Click here for a list of current vacant land in Willow Creek Ranch for sale.  

1.  The Climate

Willow Creek Ranch lies halfway between Kingman and Seligman Arizona near I-40.  Willow Creek Ranch is at almost 5000 feet, you climb up from Kingman to Willow Creek and then descend back down into Seligman.  The elevation creates a mild year-round climate, cooler than Kingman and the deserts to the west and south and warmer than snowy Flagstaff at nearly 7000 feet.

Willow Creek Solves the Puzzle of Where to Live in Northern Arizona

Willow Creek Solves the Puzzle of Where to Live in Northern Arizona

2.  Water

Water is often available on the Ranch at 350 to 550 feet in depth — affordable drilling depth. Much of Northern Arizona is water-poor.  Most residents in the area from the eastern edge of Mohave County to the border with New Mexico have to haul their water.  Well estimates are available for all the parcels for sale at the ranch.

3.  Trees

Willow Creek Ranch land is treed, much of it heavily, in a mixture of juniper and pinon pine adding to the feeling of seclusion.

4.  Interesting Rough Topography

The land is hilly and rough with streams and canyons and great hilltop vistas; perfect for exploring on foot, ATV or by horseback.

5.  Fertile Soil

The fertile soil allows for great gardens; many residents have extensive gardens that provide part of their food.

6.  Privacy

The parcel size alone provides lots of privacy.   Willow Creek is zoned AR36 (Agricultural-Rural with a minimum parcel size of 36 acres).  The land is checkerboarded by parcels of public land adding to the openness of the space. 

7.  Abundant Wildlife

Hunter access roads go through Willow Creek Ranch to allow hunting of deer, elk, javalina and other wildlife. 

8.  Western Vacation Hub

From the Ranch you can take day trips to the Grand Canyon for hiking, rafting trips or just looking, Lake Powell, Seligman (for Route 66 kitch, old cars and ice cream), Sedona’s Red Rocks, Oatman (the old mining town where they hold shootouts in the main street and burros roam free, the Grand Canyon Caverns (where you can sleep in the cavern itself), Prescott, Flagstaff and Walnut Canyon National Monument and much more.

Willow Creek Ranch Community, Kingman, AZ

Entrance to the North Side of Willow Creek Ranch

9.  Freedom to Do What You Want

Homes at Willow Creek Ranch are varied, from mobiles and modulars, to unique custom built properties, including one straw-built home and one, currently for sale that looks Victorian.  Property owners vary too.  Some people live very independent lives, off-grid, on the land.  Many owners use their property for summer family vacation retreats, hunting camps or kicking around on ATV’s or horses. 

10.  Lots and Homes at Willow Creek are Still Affordable
The average sales price for vacant parcels at Willow Creek over the last year is $31,166. or about $865 per acre. 


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