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November 2016 Kingman, Hackberry Area Best Buys Homes & Land: A Guide

November 2016 Kingman, Hackberry Area Best Buys Homes & Land: A Guide

Beautiful Ranch Land near Kingman with large parcels for sale

Beautiful Ranch Land near Kingman with large parcels for sale

Every month I write a best prices and values blog for each of seven communities east and north of Kingman, Arizona.  Five of them are old ranches that have now been split up into parcels of from 5 to 640 acres.  Two are vacation communities high in the mountains east of Kingman.

From the lowest in elevation to the highest, they include Cedar Hills Ranches, Windmill Ranch, Spring Valley Ranch, Willow Creek Ranch, The Lazy Y-U Ranch, Pinion Pines Estates, and the mountain retreat community of Pine Lake. 


Here are the best buy blog links for each community:


November 2016 Best Buys Homes Willow Creek Ranch
November 2016 Best Buys Land Willow Creek Ranch
November 2016 Best Buys Cedar Hills Ranches
November 2016 Best Buys Hackberry Area & Spring Valley Ranches
November 2016 Best Buys Windmill Ranch
November 2016 Best Buys Lazy Y-U Ranch
November 2016 Best Buys Rancho Santa Fe
November 2016 Best Buys Pine Lake


Visit our Facebook Pages on these communities to get the latest!  Cedar Hills, Spring Valley, Windmill Ranch, Willow Creek Ranch, Lazy Y-U, Pinion Pines Estates and Pine Lake


2 Responses to “November 2016 Kingman, Hackberry Area Best Buys Homes & Land: A Guide”

  1. December 27, 2016 at 7:59 am, Kim McElroy said:


    I am looking for land or home in a rural setting with a minimum of 15 acres, preferrable more. My adult daughter would like to keep horses and a several head of cattle at the location. We will be driving through the area on Jan 2 as she and are both off from work that day. We live in Las Vegas. Could you recommend some properties for us to take a look at? Just as a drive by? I have previously looked around Hackberry and really like that area but am open to suggestions. Initially my husband and I looked at White Hills but I prefer the topography of the Hackberry area.

    Sorry this email is disjointed but I am trying to dash off to work



  2. December 27, 2016 at 8:08 am, Kim said:

    Oh by the way, I have been referred to you twice. Once by a gal at the Gas Station there at Hackberry and once by my boss and her family. Jamie Duschen.

    Thanks again.



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